Linde Werdelin Oktopus 1,111m Titanium Watch With Black Lacquer Bezel

I highly appreciate the diver's style look that Linde Werdelin gave the Oktopus watch, and feel that this newest version maybe even more mainstream looking than the original.Aside from the black lacquer bezel, the Oktopus retains the high grade ETA 2892-A2 automatic movement in the extremely durable titanium case with its 3.8mm wide sapphire crystal (inside coated with anti reflective compound). A great looking watch and one of my favorites in the current Linde Werdelin line. The watch will be available starting in November and limited to only 88 pieces. Price will be 6,900 euros.Linde Werdelin presents a new version of the ruggedly attractive Oktopus 1111m dive watch. I wrote about the original Linde Werdelin Oktopus watch here. The new version has a naked grade 5 titanium 46mm wide case with a new rotating diver's bezel that is inlaid with black lacquer. The minute markers are exposed *** them very legible, while the black lacquer regions will have a deep glossy tone to them. The watch is matched to a soft black rubber strap with a very good locking fold over clasp.The Oktopus's dial is also black, but done differently being black galvanic with silver print. The hour indicators are rhodium plated and the lume all over the watch is in the now popular "diver's blue" as I call it. This is done with blue colored C3 SuperLumiNova.

Mr. Jones Watches "The Accurate" Is Reminder Of Your Impending Demise

Do you have any relatives (or maybe other people in your life) that you just want to go away. Well get them one of these watches. Priced at under $150, isn't it worth the experience of seeing the look on their face when you strap this new watch to their wrist. "Keep your eyes shut. I don't want you looking until I've glued put the watch on you!"The minimalist design of the watch is even done to ensure that you will check out the depressing message each time you check the time. The watch even goes a step further than the unpleasant "note to self." The dial of the watch is a mirror.It is Halloween and you should expect something scary today. How about a tasty little watch treat that reminds you that you are going to die each time you look at it. It is called "The Accurate" by the ever so quirky Mr. Jones Watches brand out of London. The source of the watch name should be obvious - as the reminder on the watch is the surest thing in life. The watch will never prove wrong.The execution of the morbid message is clever as the words are spelled out in the hands - you can't even ignore them if you want to, because there they are each time you check the time. Here is an idea for the upcoming holiday season.

Daniel Strom Memento Mori, Carpe Diem Watch

Troubled teenage girls and boys can now have a new object of their affection as opposed to that cool coffin-style twin size bed they have been eying.The watch is named the "Memento Mori, Carpe Diem!" Which translates into the uplifting statement "remember you will die, so seize the day." Good advice, but you aren't gonna close a lot of business meetings with ol' silver bones here. The message is the same as the much more innocuous Mr. Jones The Accurate watch I discussed here.This watch looks like Big Ben from a nightmare. What looks like a Halloween holiday watch is actually the newest luxury timepieces from Daniel Strom, son of watch maker Armin Strom. I am sure that daddy is really keen on Daniel's new dark art. Perhaps, it followed these events: first he dyed his hair black, then painted his nails black. Soon he was wearing Nine Inch Nail's t-shirts and shunning the sunlight. But things got really weird when he craved blood (but soon abandoned that idea after tasting the stuff), and decided to follow in his father's footsteps in the "dark arts of watch ***." So imagine this high-end result. What you have here is probably the world's most expensive goth watch accessory.

Panerai PAM 358 Chronopassion Limited Edition Watch

This is one of the most coveted, ultimate Panerai dive watches out there.For more pics, you can check out this post on WatchUSeek where a lucky member shows off his PAM 358. There you can see the interesting chunky curves of this PAM-beast, with its titanium 1950 style case and built in helium escape valve. Dial is pretty standard with the typical Pamerai sub watch look. I think the inner bezel with the diver's scale is an interesting touch. Hands are too stubby though.In the world of limited edition Panerai watches there are cool ones and boring ones. This is one of the really cool ones. I also love that they all (limited to 100 pieces) sold out within one hour of being released. This is the Panerai Luminor Submersible PAM 358, and was specially made for the Parisian high-end watch store Chronopassion. The PAM 358 is a pretty crazy watch. Water resistant to 2500 meters (over 8,000 feet), the watch is shaped like a diving vessel with a large rounded bottom. It is known as a "destro" model, or lefty model, because the crown is on the left side of the watch. It is really thick as well - even by Panerai standard. The case is 47mm wide in titanium with a special rotating diver's bezel that is in steel.


Review of the Abacus Wrist PDA (AU5005)

Now you're ready to explore the rest of the watch. I'm happy to report that Ifound the Wrist PDA to be very intuitive to use, and convenient to operateone-handed (thanks to the rocker switch). Granted, I do have the advantage of havingused various Palm devices for many years, but I found I was able to operate everyfunction on the watch without once opening the instruction booklet.The watch faces range from traditional analog displays to unusual digitallayouts. This is similar to MSN Direct watches' ability to use different faces,and is a very nice touch.I would have liked to see some very basic applications installed to give the watchmore of a traditional watch feel, like an alarm application. Of course, you canset an alarm using the calendar application, but it would be nice if there werea streamlined way of setting an alarm that worked more like a standard watch alarm.Same goes for a countdown timer and a stopwatch application. The A+application by BEIKS provides a stopwatch, and I'm sure other third-party applicationscan be downloaded to provide additional functionality, but it would be nice ifthey were installed right out of the box.The watch produces plenty of beeps and chirps from it's internal speaker duringnormal operation. I found them to be loud enough to be useful audible cues, butsubtle enough not be embarrassing in public places. The one complaint I have withthe watch's speaker is that the appointment alarm could be louder. If you're notfamiliar with the Palm OS, and especially Jot, you will definitely want to takea look through the instruction manual and the various tutorials available on thewatch itself. I can say pretty definitively, though, that anyone interested inowning a watch like this, and who has gotten this far in my review, will have notrouble getting acclimated to the Wrist PDA. Watch ModeThe "watch" portion of the watch (as distinct from the PDA) seems tosimply be implemented as a Palm application. You can select it from the applicationmenu, or you can allow the watch to enter watch mode automatically after a configurabletimeout period. This generally works out fine, especially since the Palm OS displaysthe time in the upper left hand corner so you can still see what time it is evenwhen you're not in watch mode, although I would like to see a shortcut for puttingthe watch back into watch mode when you're done using the PDA. Maybe holding downthe rocker switch button for two seconds, or something like that. The problem isthat the Palm OS doesn't display the date, so if you're in PDA mode and you needto know what day it is, you either have to go into the calendar (not very convenient),or wait for the watch to timeout and go back into watch mode.Once in watch mode, you can select from 11 different watch faces using the rockerswitch.